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The terrible beauty of a Soviet hydrogen bomb test, 1953. (via)

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Ultra Music Festival 2014 | Rudgr

James Turrell, Raethro, Pink, 1968 as it pertains to Enlightened Spaces, a brief article on James Turrell, who has been working with light in a way that merges art and technology.“Some of the research Turrell did in those years involved the Ganzfeld effect. This phenomenon, whose name is derived from the German for “complete field,” was first described by the psychologist Wolfgang Metzger (1899–1979), who noted that staring at an undifferentiated field of color causes changes in perception and even hallucinations. What we see affects how we think and feel: that is one of Turrell’s messages. But the artist has another, fundamental point. Many aspects of reality, such as color, are the products of our perceptions.”